39th Jan-Meda Intl. & the 1st East Africa Cross Country Competition – 13 Feb. 2022
Addis Ababa: – The 39th edition of Jan-Meda Intl. & the 1st East Africa Cross Country Competition has been held on the 13th of Feb/2022 in Addis Ababa – Jan-Meda, Ethiopia.
The purpose of the champ were to create a competition for athletes, to create a room for regions, City Administrations checking their athletes on this competition, and to integrate the East African countries through athletics competitions like this one.
6 among 10 East African countries, including the host country Ethiopia, have participated in this champion. The overall preparation of EAF was the best one comparing the past editions. Private & club athletes from Regions, City Administrations, & Universities took part on.
Individual & Team Winners of the competition are as follows:-
6 KM Junior women
Birtukan Wolde, Sidama Buna 22፡08.20 1st
Medina Issa, Amhara Region 22፡16.70 2nd
Asayech Ayichew, Amhara Region 22፡17.00 3rd
Anchinalu Dessie, Federal Prison Sport Club 22፡24.06 4th
Alemnat Wale, Amhara Police 22፡25.30 5th
Meseret Yeshaneh, Amhara Police 22፡27.07 6th
8 KM Junior men
Melesse Birhan, Amhara Police 25፡31.05 1st
Bereket Nega, South Police 25፡37.14 2nd
Chimdesa Debele, Oromia Region 25፡38.72 3rd
Bereket Zeleke, Amhara Region 25፡40.68 4th
Leli Safafa, Oromia Police 25፡51.69 5th
Gebeyehu Belay, Amhara Region 25፡59.85 6th
10 KM senior women
Gete Alemayehu, Oromia Region 36፡34.57 1st
Rahel Daniel, Eritrea 36፡35.49 2nd
Enatnesh Alamirew, Amhara Region 36፡42.81 3rd
Zewditu Adera, Amhara Region 36፡43.14 4th
Bizunesh Getachew, Oromia Region 36፡43.42 5th
Alemitu Tariku, Oromia Region 36፡48.66 6th
10 KM senior men
Berihu Aregawi, Ethio Electric 31፡57.65 1st
Andamlak Belihu South Police 32፡02.85 2nd
Ayele Kebede, Debrebirhan University 32፡06.89 3rd
Dinkalem Ayalew, Amhara Region 32፡08.65 4th
Tsegaye Kidane, Ethio Electric 32፡08.75 5th
Moges Tiumay, Ethio Electric 32፡16.97 6th
Mixed Relay 8 km
Oromia Region 23፡34.44 1st
Oromia Const/ Eng/ Corporation 23፡40.12 2nd
Ethio Electric 23፡45.68 3rd
Master Men
Desalegn Tegegn, Addis Ababa City Admn. 28፡90.17 1st
Esubalew Asnake, Addis Ababa City Admn 29፡04.42 2nd
Tesfaye Yaya, Oromia Region 29፡33.32 3rd – – –
Gezahegn Gebre, Addis Ababa City Admn. 30፡49.80 4th
Adinew Mekonnen, Oromia Region 31፡39.54 5th
Abdela Suleyman, Addis Ababa City Admn 31፡43.75 6th
Master women
Kuri Megerssa, Addis Ababa City Admn 47፡55.83 1st
Haiymanot Bekele, Addis Ababa City Admn 50፡18.96 2nd
Ruth Tebeje, Addis Ababa City Admn 51፡12.39 3rd
Tigist Bekele, Addis Ababa City Admn 52፡28.37 4th
Aynalem Zeleke, Addis Ababa City Admn 57፡03.26 5th
Winner Teams point & Rank
6 KM Junior women
Amhara Region 20pts 1st Trophy winner
Oromia Region 74pts 2nd
Oromia Police 117pts 3rd
8 KM Junior men
Amhara Region 29pts 1st Trophy winner
Oromia Region 44pts 2nd
Ethio Electric 76 pts 3rd
10 KM senior women
Oromia Region 20pts 1st Trophy winner
Amhara Region 30pts 2nd
Ethio Electric 61pts 3rd
10 KM senior men
Ethio Electric 22pts 1st Trophy winner
Amhara Region 39pts 2nd
Defense Force 66pts 3rd
Ethiopian Athletics Federation.
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