A case summary report on the passing decision of a four year ineligibility starting on the date of the provisional suspension and disqualification of all the results obtained since the date of infraction on the two Ethiopian athletes Taemo Shumye Weldegebriel and Sintayehu Merga Ejigu

Reported by: Ethiopian athletics federation

Date: July 13, 2016

Table: shows the detailed summary report on the passing decision of the two Ethiopian athletes, 2016 G.C

No Surname Name Sex *M/F *Nat Sample Date control



Discipline IAAF/Nat Substance Sanction Remark



TAEMO F *ETH 6157290 13.09.2015 ICT Shot Nat Norandrosterone 4year ineligibility  
2 MERGA (EJIGU) SENTAYEHU M ETH 6181584 06.12.2015 ICT MD,LD Nat 19-Norandrostenedione

4year ineligibility


*M/F=Male /Female  



*IC/OOCT=in competition/Out of competition

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